Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cinema Abyss Mag July 1st

Rumors and Eye Openers

Updates this Issue: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – Trailer, Five Stupid Things About the Karate Kid, Samurai Warrior Queens TRAILER, and our own Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto!

I am back on the keys to caress words from my mind. It is another post for the AtemiCast Network's Cinemaaaa Abysssss. You have to read that like your dragging out the words out.

I am sitting here watching the debut of USA network Mr. Roboto and I can tell you that I am digging it. I find the topic of the show gripping. I can kind of relate to "Elliot" and the rantings going on in his head. The writing of Mr. Roboto is a little edgy. The writers go after the topics that seem to be the issues that are ruining society. Affairs like social media and big corporations enslaving the masses. I see some elements of some other movies like "Swordfish,”.

I am currently studying Internet security. I would like to pursue the field and one day freelance this kind of work. The topic of hackers and whether they are heroes or criminals is a matter of opinion. If you expose a wrong doing like Elliot did in the beginning of this episode is it a criminal or a righteous act? Is the world a fake, plastic, facade?

The internet, our computers, our personal lives, our emotions, and our dirty secrets are all floating out there on the cloud for anyone with the skills to see. I’m ranting. I am into this show and its topic. Cyber security seems the job that will always be in demand in the future. While the internet grows and storage continues to evolve into more cloud based cache more information will be available to a hacker than ever before. That is what I got from this episode. Of course there is a deeper story here. I look forward to finding out what role Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) character plays or if his character even exists. HELL, who knows if I even exist. I am I writing this post, or have I been hacked by someone pretending to be me? How easy would it be? What could you actually find out about someone or about a company? We all know how easy it is to get a movie now a days and I am not talking about some crappy cam version either.

This show seems like it has staying power and Rami Malek is playing Elliot well. Stay tuned divers. Cinema Abyss will continue to explore the depths of movies and t.v.

MR.ROBOT is on USA Network New Episodes every Wednesday 10/9c