Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Do You Prefer and Crowded or Empty Movie House?

Hello faithful dwellers of the Abyss, we are back with another interesting topic. The question was brought up whether we preferred a crowded movie theater or an empty one? Now this made me think. I have been in both packed and empty theaters but which was the better experience? I would have to say it would depend on the film. Watching the last few Marvel movies, it was kind of fun to watch in a full theater. The throng would cheer at certain parts, clap for others and shout out at the villain. This made watching the show fun. Some would say that the crowd noise takes away from the motion picture but, I do not think it does. Now excessive talking during a movie is a bother. That’s when someone gets told, “Shut the fuck up! I paid good money to watch this movie, not to hear you talk.” 

This brings me to watching a film in an empty theater. I was lucky to have caught Interstellar in an empty theater. For a picture like that it was crucial to pay attention to what was going on. Not having to worry about anyone making noise, hearing all those wrappers being opened, or people whispering made it seem as though I was at home watching the motion picture on a giant screen. 

In the end, I would watch any show with no crowd or at least with a couple good friends. If I really wanted to see a movie, I would put up with the crowds. The film would hopefully be one worth watching with a multitude. Keep the questions coming and stay tuned for more from the depths of our twisted minds.