Thursday, January 29, 2015

Project Almanac: Can't Get That Time Back

Movie Review 

Tuesday night the crew of The Atemi-Cast went to the sneak preview of "Project Almanac." I am trying to think of a way to be nice. I am failing miserably. This unsuccessful attempt at a science fiction thriller was by Director Dean Israelite. Israelite is the cousin of Jonathan Liebesman. Liebesman is known for the "Wrath of the Titans," "Battle of Los Angeles," and most recently "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." I guess having family in the business helps.

"Project Almanac," reminded me of the other attempted "found footage" films. This was bad. I lost time that I will never get back. At the start of this train wreck, Jonny Weston (David Raskin), is filming his entry appeal to M.I.T.. Raskin's sister played by Amy Landecker is behind the camera. She continues to be the camera operator throughout the film. Her job is the easiest. Raskin and his friends are all science geeks. David Raskin, being an Almanac version of the Marvel character “Tony Stark. His dad "Ben Raskin" played by Gary Weeks is talked about as if he was "Howard Stark." That was one of the cheesy comparisons that were noticeable. Five minutes into the film I realized that the whole movie was going to be a first person camera shoot. Remarkably these teens film their whole lives; documenting every second of the day. The only thing they did not record was themselves taking a piss.

The movie goes on to build on the story that Raskin gets accepted to M.I.T. but cannot afford the tuition. He searches through his dads old inventions, (does this sound familiar) looking for something he could use to apply to another college. He comes across one of Ben Raskins' designs for what looks like a time displacement machine. Raskin and his friends Quinn Goldberg (Sam Lerner) and Adam Le (Allen Evangelista) figure out the design specs. They go on to attempt to make this device work and wouldn't you know it, the hot girl Jessie Pierce (Sofia Black-D'Elia) drives a hybrid car whose battery is perfect for this experiment. They get her to let them borrow her battery, which of course leads Pierce to become curious and to arrive in time to see the "guys" teleport a toy car. The movie drags on with tinkering with the device and the obvious attraction between Raskin and Pierce. The worst part of the plot is how the teens decide to use their new found power to move back in time. Going to rock concerts and winning the lottery "ONCE!" Hello, I think I would have won the big one at least two more times. If not that, then at least take a trip to vegas and place some bets. Retaking tests in school was Goldbergs big thing and Raskins' sister wanted revenge against a school bully. WHAT?!

Raskin makes mistakes. Messing up the deal the friends agreed upon about jumping time alone. He continues jumping trying to get things right. There are a lot of holes in this plot and the science does not make sense. I have put this movie in Davy Jones's locker and leave it there.

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