Sunday, December 28, 2014

10 questions about Cinema Abyss Reviewer Tony or SYFY’s Christmas Icetastrophe

10 Questions

A meteorite brings ice and freezing temperatures, which threatens to harm the residents of a small town at Christmas

Cinema Abyss: What is the first thing you think of when you think of Christmas Icetastrophe?

Tony: A Splitting migraine

Cinema Abyss: How many keys on your key ring?

Tony: 10

Cinema Abyss: Why did the Christmas Icetastrophe Happen?

Tony: Meteorite split in two and crashed on earth

Cinema Abyss: Do you have any pets?

Tony: 3 dogs

Cinema Abyss: Which character from Christmas Icetastrophe would you like to eat dinner with?

Tony: Science girl Alex Novak, Marley, or Her Mom Krystal 

Marley finding out Tony wants to go to dinner
Cinema Abyss: What are you reading now?

Tony: This fucking email

Cinema Abyss: Would you consider watching Christmas Icetastrophe again?

Tony: Only if I was high

Cinema Abyss: Have you ever had to wear a uniform in school?

Tony: Yes

Cinema Abyss: What did the main character from Christmas Icetastrophe do for a living?

Tony: I have no fucking idea

Cinema Abyss: With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

Tony: My TV

That wraps up this edition of ten questions. Feel free to send in your inquiries to be answered by the Cinema Abyss crew. Just send an email to subject abyss questions.

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