Thursday, November 20, 2014


Twitter Event

A group of doomsday preppers emerge from their bunker 10 years after an apocalyptic meteor strike, only to discover that crazed mutants have overtaken the world. --- IMDB

Cinema Abyss was at it again on November 8th with a live twitter event riffing of the new SYFY movie MUTANT WORLD. Sitting through sneak previews that suck and SYFY premiers that torture the intellect is what the Abyss crew do for you. This film was a hard one to get through.

Cinema Abyss is on The Atemi Cast twitter for the riffing of #mutantworld: The Atemi Cast Network allowed us access to their twitter feed. We went live at 9pm. We had no idea of the torment in store of us
Dude your getting the milk for free: Caden the love interest of Melissa has an engagement ring he wants to give her.

Reminds me of Fallout 3:  The main story is about survivors living in a vault: The supplies are running low and they need to send a team of recon and scavengers out into the unknown to find the provisions they need.

Now that fight was believable LOL: The highly trained locked and loaded expedition gets overrun by primitive human mutants using low tech weapons.
Ashanti stole the undertaker's clothes:  We meet The Preacher played by Ashanti. She is dressed like the WWF star The Undertaker.

He green with envy: The bright green eyed mutant Caden sees the normal Melissa after 10 years and gets jealous of the people around her.

It has only been 10 years these guys freak out over a radio: only ten years have passed since the meteor collision that mutated humanity.  Inexplicably everyone who has survived has reverted to an 18th century level of knowledge. 
The frankensteins don't like trespassers: We could not help but continue the Fallout 3 game references.

These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West, You know morons: Because everyone has devolved into a Wild West life style we had to give props to Mel Brooks with a BLAZING SADDLE mention.

Does this group of survivors look a little inbred? : Again only ten years have passed and the gene pool is looking a bit shallow.

This one is painful: The movie was starting to take it toll.

Where did the fishnets come from?  : One moment the disrobing nurse is naked and abracadabra she has on fishnets.

Haven! What about the troubles: The survivors from the vault must reach Haven. Anyone who is a Syfy channel fan knows haven has its own set of dilemmas

At least it is not Raspberry beret: Melissa wears a beret most of the movie. We could not stop singing the Prince song Raspberry Beret every time she was on screen

Stop the bad singing Ahhhhhhhhhh! : Melissa is constantly singing during the movie. It is not good.

Mutantgram: The mutants are at the door trying to get in. This was a land shark reference from SNL

Is Melissa gonna steal Ashanti clothes now? : We rightly predict that Melissa would dress like the preacher after Ashanti is killed.

Does anybody know what the hell is going on? : There is a big fight with several factions happening and we have not a clue why.

Wow that was some deep Hurting: The movie has ended. We had almost tapped out. Thanks to the twitterverse for keeping us in the game.

Our Next Live Twitter Event will be December 20th. CHRISTMAS ICETASTROPHE starring Victor Webster, Mike Dopud, and Jennifer Spence will be the victim.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Live Event

We had so much fun last time we decided to do it again. This Saturday Cinema Abyss is taking over the Atemi Cast Network twitter. The Abyss reviewers will be riffing MUTANT WORLD on syfy at 9PM. This one looks painful!