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Live Twitter Event / Movie Review

Worry Doll
The SYFY channel has blessed us again with another original movie. This time with the horror film FINDERS KEEPERS.  Cinema Abyss did a live twitter feed during the premier. Abyss reviewer Taylor and I watched the movie and threw out one-liners to the twitter verse. 

FINDERS KEEPERS is about a newly divorced mother Alyson Simon played by Jaime Pressly and her daughter Claire Simon who is played by Kylie Rodgers. They move into a new house and Claire finds a doll that had been hidden in the air condition ducts.  Claire bonds with the doll and soon they are inseparable

The doll is a Guatemalan munecas Quitapenas also known as a worry doll. Worry dolls are given to children to help them sleep at night. The dolls are supposed to remove the worries of the owner. Once the child sleeps with the doll the parents would remove the doll telling the child the doll had taken their troubles and gone away. Claire’s doll is broken. Her doll does not want to be removed from the children. This doll bonds with the child so that it causes distress if it is removed.  If the doll is threatened the threat is usually killed. The doll uses the bond between it and Claire to possess her and their bond gets so strong that any harm to the doll is also harm to Claire.

This Syfy feature was very enjoyable. The acting was done well and there were only a few WTF moments.  The most notable was when Alyson coughs up a fly for no reason.  She just coughs it up and goes about her day. Never once does she question why that happened. That was just strange.

The Tweets:

1) U deserve a new doll not a broken down old doll. (Sounds like what women say about my wife.)-- Rick

            This was a quote from cat lady Janine played by STAR TREK actress Marina Sirtis. She said this in the presence of the doll. Things did not go well for her after that. (Yes this was a jab at the wife but it is ok she was in the room when I sent it out.)

2) I guess horror and SYFY fans need Viagra.

            There were a lot of boner commercials during this movie.

3) Let’s scream at the insane person who killed his family.

            And that is just what Alyson does, by visiting the killer child that had murdered his family in the home she had just bought.

4) Zachary looks like a demon from Supernatural

            Zachary killed his family and is still possessed by the doll. He looked like the demons from supernatural while under the doll’s influence.

5) That is a strong little doll

            The 10” doll is throwing grown people around like toys.

6) Let’s be twins

            Claire starts to dress like the doll

7) Leave Starfleet and you become a crazy dead cat woman

            Yep, Marina Sirtis character has been killed

8) Walk uninvited to my house the same thing will happen to you

            Real estate agent just walks into Alyson’s house. Unlucky for him the doll takes offense.

9) Evil now contained in the garbage

            Alyson throws the doll in the trash

10) Time to use a Nanny cam

            Claire has unexplained bruises

11) mmmmm Burnt Pancakes with no sugar or syrup. She must be evil

            The upset Claire maybe possessed Claire eats pancakes with her hands with no good stuff.

12) Like she did not see the bodies hanging from the ceiling. Way to be aware.

            We are supposed to believe Alyson walks into her child psychologist’s office and does not immediately see 2 full grown people hanging from the antler chandelier.

13) Demon Smoke

            Another Supernatural reference

 14) Sounds like the Tea Party

            A political poke when the college professor explains how the doll works

15) Eye for an Eye Bitch

            They try to take out the dolls eyes. She returns the favor.

16) The power of Christ compels you

            Claire is now completely possessed. Her head spins around like Regan’s in THE EXORCIST.

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