Thursday, October 16, 2014


Chico at the movies

Abyss fans we would like to introduce our newest movie reviewer Alex, a.k.a. "Chico." So, sit back and enjoy this episode of "Chico at the movies!"

Chico: Yo, well ANNABELLE the movie was ok. I want to give it 6 beers out of 12 pack. The devil costume was good but only some parts were intense enough to be scary. This movie could have been scarier and shit but, it was not all that bad for a scary movie. I mean it had a Chico jumping and shit once or twice but, not all that like they showed on the previews. 

It lacked in the story line from where Annabella came from but, the film was good quality but not enough special effects. The doll didn't even speak, I mean come on at least they could have made the lil doll say some shit. I see this movie like a bad Chucky knock off almost. I liked the Chucky movies, they were mixed with scary scenes and some comedy. At least in the Chucky movie they let you know how he became the doll and shit.

I think a movie like this should be scary from start to end and not just in some parts. They should have worked a little more on the story line. Overall it was aiight, but I wouldn't go watch that shit again na what i mean? This has been Chico at the movies, dale!

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