Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dolphin Tale 2 Will Delight Viewers


Cinema Abyss has a new reviewer and she is female! We are no longer a sausage fest. Her name is Taylor S. She will review the movies that Tony and I refuse to see. So expect more chick flicks, family films, and I have been told she loves Bollywood films. Oh Joy!--- Rick

By Taylor S. - Dolphin Tale 2 will delight viewers and animal lovers alike. This spectacular family friendly movie showcases the famous bottlenose dolphin named Winter. Winter first captured the hearts of Floridians after the 2011 movie Dolphin Tale. She has inspired aquatic enthusiasts with her ability to overcome her amputated condition. Winter swims with a prosthetic tail made to fit her like a glove. Simply stated, she is the dolphin that can. Alongside Winter continues the ongoing story of Hazel, Sawyer, and Rufus (the pesky pelican). Winter and her friends live at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium based in sunny Florida. Joining them in this real life sequel are new friends, Mandy the dolphin, Mavis the sea turtle, and Hope the baby dolphin.

Even if another female dolphin is accessible to the aquarium, how long can she remain? The purpose of the CMA is to rescue, rehab, and release healthy marine animals to their natural habitats. Winter is a special case as she cannot swim for prolonged periods without her manmade tail. The aquarium is a rehabilitation center after all, not a prison holding captive orcas or seals as seen in the 1992 movie Free Willy. This reviewer could not help but make connections to such a substandard marine creature ‘loving’ film. Willy was not rescued but imprisoned, and forced to perform shows. It was lackluster given the backdrop. The teenage angst and the owner’s murderous intentions only inspired anger. The exception was the conclusion of the film; when it was over… and of course when Willy was freed, hence the title.

This dolphin’s tale rings truer. It is an actual, humane version of events centering on a young boy named Sawyer. Sawyer had little interest in anything until he saw the potential in Winter, and then himself. Winter enabled Sawyer to teach and inspire others. Now the CMA staff must be on the lookout to rescue, as usual, a special friend for Winter. After your viewing of the film, be sure to check out Winter via webcam at

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