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Jessie begins experiencing a number of disturbing and unexplainable things after the death of his neighbor. As he investigates, it isn't long before Jessie finds he's been marked for possession by a malevolent demonic entity, and it's only a matter of time before he is completely under its control... IMDB

RICK --- If you have checked out Cinema Abyss before then you know that I am a fan of the horror genre. Now to be honest I am neutral when it comes to the found footage movie. I am not a fan of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT but I did enjoy CLOVERFIELD and at this point I have only seen the first PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. I liked the first paranormal outing but it was not enough to rush out for the other paranormal movies. Now I was back in the paranormal activity found footage realm with THE MARKED ONES.

THE MARKED ONES is being marketed as a horror / thriller. I would add another description; comedy. I laughed the entire movie. The Mexican American racial stereotypes were very strong and extremely funny. If you are an over sensitive Mexican American think twice before seeing this film. I can only wonder if the next project in the series will be something like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: FEETS DON’T FELLS ME NOW, or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: WON HUNG LO.

THE MARKED ONES is rated R for language (I did not notice the language), violence (the violence is very cartoony), Nudity (kudos for the full frontal nudity), and drug use (pot smoking and drinking).

Andrew Jacobs as Jesse has a little something in his eye
The acting was very good and it is this that keeps you watching the film. Andrew Jacobs as Jesse and Jorge Diaz as Hector do great job carrying the movie and it does at times feel like you are spying in on their private lives. Add Gabriella Walsh in the mix as Marisol and you have three pretty strong young actors. Renee Victor as Jesse’s Grandmother was great you really fall in love with her.

The movie was fun and I enjoyed watching it. The younger crowd should really enjoy this. I did start having problems with the subjective camera style of the movie. There are just life situations that no right minded person would continue filming and that did ruin the movie for me.  The director Christopher Landon should have used a combination of both behind the camera and third person shots.  

Tony--Well, in this fifth installment of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES franchise moviegoers will find themselves dropped off in the realm of sanataria rituals and beliefs of ritual demonic insemination. The film makers take a new direction in introducing the hispanic culture as the new victims of paranormal stupidity when it comes to common sense as when it comes to getting the hell of of dodge when things get crazy. Once, a strictly owned trait of good ole' white anglo saxon Protestants, the writers of this film thought it would be a great idea to include the hispanic culture into the mix. This being done, in my opinion, as to take the stereotype of the seemingly intelligent average white high school/college kid who goes to investigate every single little noise in a dark spooky house and portray the curiosity of these young hispanics as if they were the Scooby Doo gang trying to solve a mystery.

 I too like Rick, am a big fan of a good horror flick and I was even taken in by the first of these five first person shot movies to give the impression that there was some real life sense to the movie. That being said, this installment took that technique a lil' too far with the unrealistic feel of how this was shot. Anyone familiar with a neighborhood such as the one portrayed in this film, knows that if your are walking around with a handheld video camera, not everyone is going to be so accepting of you or anyone filming the everyday activities, especially if it is in violation of certain laws. This film would have probably made a different impact on me if there was, as Rick stated, a mixture of filming technique that allowed the viewer to have a sense that they are watching events unfold as a combination of third person telling and first hand account.

The acting was not all that bad in this film but, I would file this one away in my comedy folder before I would place it in my horror files. The comical use of the hispanic stereotypes was a lil' offensive but, if you have a good sense of humor then it shouldn't make the film any less painful as I found it to be due to the story line. Rick and I had a couple of good laughs and were probably snickered at by some of the movie goers for our twisted sense of humor but, in the end I must say that I have seen worse and I am sure there will be other cinematic disasters that I will stomach so I can continue to bring a unique perspective to the movie making world. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY THE MARKED ONES won't win any awards but, go check it out with a date and you should at the least get her to jump into your arms once or twice during the movie.  

Thanks to Paramount Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, Room 101, and Solana Films for the sneak preview movie passes. 

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