Thursday, December 19, 2013


THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (2013) is the remake of the James Thurber short story.  The original stared Danny Kay in 1947. This version was directed and starred Ben Stiller. The story is about an average man Walter Mitty who has never lived life. He has an uneventful existence in an average job. He has never fell in love or done anything worthwhile. During this humdrum subsistence a situation comes up where Mitty must journey outside his comfort zone and into the real world. 

I really had no opinion of this movie before I received my sneak preview passes. I hate remakes.  The only reason I went to see this was that it was free. Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty was a non entity. Even during his growth in the film I found I still could not connect with this character. By the end of this feature I still did not care about Mitty. I did not care about his job, his family life, or his love life. Mitty’s day dreams were few and few between. They added nothing to the story. If the hallucinations added anything it was a reminder of what the show could have been. The majority of the time I was bored off my ass. It felt like an eternity.  If you would have asked me the night of the showing I would has said the movie was well over two hours long. I was shocked to find that it only ran 74 minutes.

Product placement is rampant in this movie. I do not mind product placement but this movie was an hour long E Harmony and Papa John’s commercial. I was really getting tired of hearing about these companies every 10 minutes.

What I liked in THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY was the cinema photography.  There are several scenes that were just beautiful.  I was really drawn into the skateboard ride through Iceland.

The acting was nothing special until Sean Penn gets his 5 minutes on screen. Penn plays photographer Sean O’Connell and stole the movie. After his scene I felt ripped off. Here was an interesting person I could have enjoyed watching for 74 minutes. 

All and all this was not a bad movie just not very good movie. I would never pay to see this film. I would suggest waiting for the TV broadcast. THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY is being advertised as a feel good movie and to be honest I was pissed when I left the theater.  It was not funny, heartfelt, or life changing.

Mitty in Iceland
Thanks to 20th Century Fox for the sneak Preview passes and kudos for making the dreams of an audience member come true by paying for her college education. That was a classy move.

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